Mobile Patrol

Mobile Patrol
Our SIA licensed mobile security patrol teams are an alternative to on-site security guards and add an
additional layer of support to any technical and remote services you use.

A typical mobile patrol service includes uniformed officers in our branded vehicles doing thorough
checks of your premises, and while we will agree beforehand the frequency of the checks with you,
the timings of them are deliberately kept random. Any issues are reported back to our control team
and we arrange the most effective response.

Alarm Response

Our state of the art remote monitoring alerts our mobile patrols when an intruder alarm is activated.
The responder will, assuming it is safe to do so, enter your property and assess the situation.
If everything is okay, we will reset the alarm, however if it looks like there has been an intrusion or
there is damage, we will contact the emergency services (if needed) and ensure the premises are
protected until re-secured.

All issues are reported back to our control centre in real time and we provide you with a detailed
incident response report.

We receive an excellent service from the Taurus team. When the alarm at our store was activated recently, I was very impressed the mobile response team got there quickly and investigated the issue well before I was able to get there.
Harrison Hughes
If you would like more information on how we can help with Mobile Patrol please call Daniel Arthur on 0161 273 6600 or complete our enquiry form