Security advice during lockdown

Alan Townley, group sales director at Taurus Security Group, says with lots of office buildings currently fully closed or operating at minimal capacity, office security has become very important.

We appreciate not all companies are able to organise building security services, so we have put together some key activity recommendations for business owners to help keep your office as safe and secure as possible.

1. Make sure you know who has access and keys to your office. Are they storing the keys in a secure place?

2. If you can do so, deactivate access fobs for employees who are not required to attend the office during this period. Make sure any unreturned fobs from previous employees are also permanently deactivated.

3. Visit your office at least once a week, assuming you can maintain social distance and check the following:

  • All electronic equipment is switched off (make sure fridges are empty, off and with doors open).
  • Make sure any lap-tops and other portable devices are locked away.
  • Ensure any hard copies of personnel details are securely stored.
  • Remove all cash from the office.
  • If your office is on the ground floor, make sure all windows are kept closed.
  • Make sure all fire exits are kept clear, even though the building is empty these need to be kept clear to keep in with fire regulations.
  • Walk test the sensors for the alarm and CCTV systems.
  • If procedures are set up change the password with the security control room on a monthly basis
  • Check your perimeter fencing to make sure it is secure and make sure any entrance/exit gates are kept padlocked (except fire exits).

If you are a business owner who is not able to visit your office premises but you have concerns about its security please do give us a call at Taurus Security Group and we will arrange for one of our team to attend your premises for a free of charge survey – please call me on 0871 875 0708

This article was first published in  Insider.